Stories of Silver Bell from Our People

Silver Bell Stories from Robert Hunter, Jr.


Robert Hunter, Jr. (above with his wife Carol) grew up in Silver Bell and has shared some stories you will enjoy.

The McConnaughey Family


Lee McConnaughey shares her recollections of living in Silver Bell as "one of the best times of my family and my life."

Carl Elder - by Belinda Eckrote Castro


  • (The photo above is Maxine and Carl Elder.)

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Danny and Karen

Which Mountain? Or Witch Mountain?

(The photo above is the "Which Mountain" Karen talks about below. Some folks called it "Witch Mountain" where a witch was thought to live. It's name is Waterman Peak.)

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Memories Shared in a Facebook Exchange


(The picture above is the old bridge which supported the pipe discussed below. Photo by Tisha Spaulding Hays.)

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Read Jim Hunter's Memories!


Jim Hunter, now a senior vice-president with BBVA Compass Bank, provides a stirring history of his family's life in Silver Bell.

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Memories from Ernie Molinar Robles


 The mill and crusher at Silver Bell.

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"Old John"


A Facebook conversation, started by Edward Chadburn on December 15, 2018. These conversations can be interesting:

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The Hood Family



Phil Hood shares about his family. Click the Read It button below!

Dan Hood's Silver Bell Memories

Above: Dan Hood, a member of the Marana High School marching band.


Here's are charming recollections from a Silver Bell "survivor!"

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Elvira Huerta Remembers



Elvira grew up in Silver Bell and shares her memories with us. Click on the button below to read about them.