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Saturday 1/18/2020

SBHS Board of Directors Meeting

11 am - 1 pm

BBVA Compass Bank 5255 E Williams Circle, Tucson

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Saturday 1/18/2020

SBHS Board of Directors Meeting

You are welcome to attend as our guest. You may speak at our Call to the Audience. 

11 am - 1 pm

BBVA Compass Bank 5255 E Williams Circle, Tucson

Ghosts of Yesteryear


The soft breeze sighs under desert skies,

and we seek the meager shade.

We’ve come a long way to spend this day,

together one more time.

We walk along and hum a song

from times remembered long ago:

Of happy days when we went to play

and never dreamed how life would change.

Back then we were bold, didn’t think of old:

That was for our elders.

We had desert to explore and never wanted more,

content in where we were.

But time has a way of creeping up each day

and taking us all by surprise.

Each had a goal - to fill our soul -

and we all moved away.

But we never believed we’d ever

long for that life again.

Life then was sweet, and we couldn’t repeat

the peace we enjoyed back then.

As much as we try, life seems to reply:

We’ll never find that place again.

Now we’ve grown old and not quite so bold,

but we haven’t lost that love.

We search once more on that desert floor

for memories of days gone by

and a way to preserve the life we served

for our children and their heirs.

And we’ll hold in our hearts our early starts

that helped us become what we are.

Because of a town where love did abound:

We’ve grown to be quite adept.

Now eyes grow dim - our days growing slim.

We find ourselves once again

reflecting on life without any strife

and back where our town began.

So, Silver Bell, I salute you now!

Live forever in our hearts and minds!

Let us never forget what, in our lives you set,

Our Silver Bell ... our home!

by Nancy Henson

Poet Laureate 

of the Silver Bell Historical Society

Nov. 26, 2019

Our Mission


 The Silver Bell Historical Society offers unique resources to researchers, scholars, and the public. History records two communities: Silverbell, which existed in the early 20th century, and Silver Bell, which existed during the last half of the 20th century. Both towns have been deserted, although many who lived here share fond memories of a unique and fraternal place -- in the middle of nowhere in Pima County, Arizona. Located near Marana and Tucson.

You Can Help Preserve Our History.


A society can be defined as  
the aggregate of people living together in a more or less ordered community, and as  an organization or club formed for a particular purpose or activity. You are invited to share in the development of the Silver Bell Historical Society.

How You Can Help


We invite you to use the "Contact Us" form below to share your story of Silver Bell. Some of you lived in Silver Bell and have first-hand knowledge. Others of you have parents or grandparents who have shared their stories with you. We want to include those stories within this website. You may also help with generous contributions to defray the costs involved with operating the Silver Bell Historical Society, an Arizona non-profit corporation.

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The Silver Bell Historical Society is a non-profit organization; however, it can only function with people and funding. Check out our members and how you, too, can become a Society Member!


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