My Memories

by Elvira Huerta

Living in Silver Bell was the best time of my growing up! We had no worries whatsoever. 

We moved there when my dad, Alejo Valdez, got a job from ASARCO. He left a small mine in Vanadium, New Mexico, which was also ASARCO in 1957. He was hired in August of 1957. 

We first moved into he apartments that were close to the road going to the corrals where we lived by the David Molinar and Ramon DeLa O families . Then we moved to the apartments up the hill and there we lived by the Robles and Bostick families. Later we moved to the house by the 3 speed bumps.

 I used to go swimming seemed like everyday of the summer with Mary Helen Betancourt. We would go to the movies and to dances that were held at Rec Hall. 

One summer When I was 9, I fell off the bike and broke my leg. I didn't get to go swimming that year. 

My brother Anselmo used to help feed the cow and the chickens we had at the Corrals. Mrs. Springer had the corrals by ours and so did Mr. Pete Betancourt. We would walk through the corrals and walk into the desert with Peggy Bustamante and Mr. De La O's daughter. 

I was in the Brownies and then the Girl Scouts. The bus would pick us up and take us to Marana Schools, and all of the older kids would watch over the smaller ones. 

It was the best childhood anyone could have. To this day we see people from there and feel like they are family!

I Should have stayed in touch with many of them. Thank goodness for Facebook. I have found so many! 

I could keep typing more, but I'd better stop while I am ahead.