Old John

"old John" --a Facebook Conversation, submitted by Edward Chadburn


Tamara Kemper: “As soon as you said a wild burro my mind went straight to old John what great memories.”

Paula Eckrote Steiger: “One of my fondest memories.”

Cindy Wyatt Melo: “Was there one named Jenny as well?”

Paula Eckrote Steiger: “I remember Old John biting Momma on the butt because she had quit brushing him. We have been laughing about that lately.”

Edward Chadburn: “I loved brushing him. I was only 6 when we moved in 1977. But I was pretty sad when Dad told me Old John had been shot for no reason.”

Belinda Eckrote Castro: “I never knew that.”

Edward Chadburn: “I’m not even sure they found out who did it.”

Belinda Eckrote Castro: “That makes me so angry and sad. I loved that old donkey. So where do you fit in the Chadburn family?”

Edward Chadburn: “I’m Norman and Barbara’s son. Younger half brother to Patty, Linda, Kathy and Jimmy. We lived in house 161 next to Burns. Mom passed away in 2013 from Parkinson’s and Dad passed away in 2015. She was 80 and he was 92”.

Belinda Eckrote Castro: “I knew them. We lived behind Freddie and Mona for years. Becky and I were good friends.  Kathy was so kind to me. I used to sit with her on the school bus.”

Cathy Harris: “Thanks for sharing this memory of the best place in the world to grow up in. Kay Avery Harris.”

Susy Wittwer: “Does anyone remember the other donkey Jenny? Old john spent a lot of time across from our house.”

Brenda Stone Monet: “Aww, Loved old John!!”

Laura Yarter: “My aunt, Laurita Walters, had one named Hildegard. I think that's right.”

Belinda Eckrote Castro: “No. No Jenny.”

Cindy Wyatt Melo: “I’m not surprised. Growing up I swore I had a friend in Silver Bell named Hilda. My mom said no and my sister said yes -  Hilda Bostick. To this day I’m still not sure. Lol”

Belinda Eckrote Castro: “I could be wrong. Have you tried Hilda on Facebook?”

Cindy Wyatt Melo: “No, I haven’t. I just recently remembered that and I never thought about looking in Facebook. Thanks.”

Paula Eckrote Steiger: “I know a Jeanette Bostick from Silver Bell.”

Cindy Wyatt Melo: “I do too. Hilda could have also been one of those imaginary little kid friends.”

Ed Chadburn's selfie with the road to the old town site of Silver Bell behind him.

Ed Chadburn's selfie with the road to the old 

Edward Chadburn's selfie with the road to our old town site behind him.

Edward Chadburn's selfie with the road to our old town site behind him.