Families S - Z

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Sacker - Trailer Court

Salter House #48 and 49. The family lived in Silver Bell until 1968.

Sanchez, Frank and Jenny lived in House 142.

Sanchez, Juan House #38, 96  [ASARCO Hire date: 12/4/1956]  

Sanders, Benny L. - House #18, 130  [ASARCO Hire date: in or before 1954]  

Sanders, Edgar D.  [ASARCO Hire date: 9/11/1953]  

Santa Maria Teodoro S. - Apartments Ted's family included Gienvieve P., Dolores S., David, Erlinda, and David Arrietta, Jr. Ted was a laborer. The family lived in Silver Bell from 1957-1971. Erlinda said, "Ted Santa Maria was little league coach for some years in the late fifties. We participated in Catholic Church events including catechism and attending masses." [ASARCO Hire date: 9/3/1957]  

Saunders, George W.  [ASARCO Hire date: 8/27/1965]  

Schrank - House #88 


Donald Shea's family lived in Silver Bell from 1975-1983. The family included Sue and Stacey. They lived in house 49. Donald was a Maintenance Supervisor. 

Shook. George E.  [ASARCO Hire date: 8/4/1958]  



Smellie, Russell K. - House #38  [ASARCO Hire date: 1/14/1957]   

Smith, Wilfred E. - House #22, 44  [ASARCO Hire date: 1/23/1959]     

Snider, Bobby F.  [ASARCO Hire date: 7/30/1964]  

Snow, Paul's family included June, Chris and Laura. They lived in House #54, 94.  [ASARCO Hire date: 9/25/1956]

Snyder, Roy N,  [ASARCO Hire date: 3/14/1956]  

Walt Snyder and his family, Pat, Tony, Tamara, Tina, Todd, Troy, and Tracy, lived in Silver Bell from 1968-1977. They lived in House 4 and 55. Walt worked in the Crusher as a group leader. He enjoyed making turquoise jewelry.

Sotelo, Adrein M.  [ASARCO Hire date: 6/21/1956]  

Armando Sotelo's family included Armando "Mando," Jr., Abie, Mary, and Elsa. The family lived in House 17 and 111. Armando was a truck driver and a shovel operator. Elsa said, "We leased the 23 section of land around Silver Bell for my dad's cattle. And used the corrals down by the old golf course and built some corrals down by where everyone used to change their oil."

Soto, Jose D.  [ASARCO Hire date: 3/30/1960]  

Charles Spaulding and his wife Dolores lived in Silver Bell in the 1960s and 70s. Their children were John, Kathy, and Emily. They lived in the trailer court. Charles worked in the truck shop.

Franklin D. Spaulding and his wife Sharon had three children: Tracy, Tisha, and Terri. The family lived in Silver Bell from 1960-1978 in House #30 and #61.  Frank started off as a laborer, became an ore haul truck driver and then moved to the truck shop as a mechanic and left ASARCO as a truck shop foreman.   [ASARCO Hire date: 3/17/1959]   

Richard L.Spaulding and his wife Sandy had three children: Jimmy, Jerry, and Jodie. They lived in Silver Bell from the early to mid-1960s.  [ASARCO Hire date: 4/27/1959]  

Spence. Larry W.  [ASARCO Hire date: 8/4/1958]  

Spencer, Russell V.  [ASARCO Hire date: 11/9/1964]  

Spendlove, Gail B. - House #76  [ASARCO Hire date: 8/17/1959]   

Springer, William  - House #80. [ASARCO Hire date: 2/16/1954]  

Stalcup, Wayne D. - House #81.  [ASARCO Hire date: 9/8/1959]  

Stepp, Jay W.  [ASARCO Hire date: 5/24/1963]  

Stock, Albert H.  [ASARCO Hire date: 11/16/1963]   

Stocker, Dan - Apartments, Trailer Court

Stone - House #173 

Strickland, William  - House #87. [ASARCO Hire date: 4/15/1963]  


Talbott, Robert N.  [ASARCO Hire date: 4/20/1966] 

James W Tecklenburg and his wife Esther lived in Silver Bell from 1969-75. Esther said, "We lived next door to the Mosers and across the street from the Smiths...I am only guessing, but 'think' our house number may have been #20. The Jamesons lived at the very end of our street..." James was Chief Chemist for ASARCO.

Teeters - Trailer Court 

Terrell - House #116 

Thoma, Jimmie D.'s family included Joyce, David, Christie, and Lori. They lived in House #138.  [ASARCO Hire date: 2/2/1955]  

Daniel Thomas's family, including Vicki and Angela, lived in Silver Bell until 1978. They lived in the Trailer Court.

Theodore R. "Ted" Thomas's family included Gertrude "Gertie,"  Don, Leon, Wayne, and Barbara lived in House #135.  [ASARCO Hire date: 3/28/1957]  

Theodore N. Thomas and his family, including Blanche, Richard, and Dan, lived in Silver Bell from 1965-1979. They lived in the apartments and in house 111. Theodore worked in the Mill (re-agents).  Richard said, "My brother Dan worked there as an instrument/electrician tech in the mill. I was a Mill Helper and then Ball Mill Operator for several years. We attended the Catholic Church. My mother was involved in other small women's clubs, I was a scout for a time, hobbies were motorbikes and hiking."  [ASARCO Hire date: 6/7/1963]  

Dennis Thompson and his family, Virginia, Karen, and Kenny, lived in House 11 in Silver Bell from 1967-1977. Dennis was a Truck Shop accountant. Karen said, "Dad was a boy scout leader in the late 60s. Mom played softball with the women's team, and they both were on bowling teams,"

Tilton, James E.  [ASARCO Hire date: 4/25/1963]  

Dennis A. Tinsley's. family included Delaine, Denise, and Patricia. The y lived in the original trailer court by the tailings dam and then in House #104. Dennis worked as a Laborer, Dept. Filter, Town truck that went in to Tucson for supplies, Electrician, and Lead Electrician. Delaine said that the family was involved in Brownies, Girl Scouts, the church before the Methodist church that met in the Rec.   Hall. Then the Methodist Church. Golf, bowling teams, baseball teams, bridge   clubs."   [ASARCO Hire date: 3/2/1954]  

Tinsley, Lee - House #176. 

Toleman, John - House #33.


Townley, Doyle H. - House #135, 126  [ASARCO Hire date: 11/30/1954]   

Traynor, Travis G.  [ASARCO Hire date: 8/6/1956]  

Gilbert U. Trujillo's family, including Tae Hum Kim, Yvonne Iban Kim, and John Gilbert, lived in Silver Bell from 1961-1980. They lived in the apartments and in house 137 and 126. Gilbert was a repairman.  [ASARCO Hire date: 1/18/1962]  Yvonne said, "My grandparents Gilberto and Margarita Trujillo moved into House 126 in 1954 and retired in 1968."

Tynon - House #95


Valdez, Alejo R.  [ASARCO Hire date: 8/16/1957]  

Valles, Frank R.  [ASARCO Hire date: 3/21/1966] 

Harold Varnell was the butcher at the Avra Bell Market in Silver Bell. His family, including Kathleen, Irene, and Larry were in Silver Bell from 1953-1963. They lived in House 14 as well as in an apartment behind the store. Larry said, "Harold was a scout master and mom was a cub scouts den mother, She was also in the women's club. We took swim lessons and played baseball."

Russell M. Vaughn's family lived in Silver Bell from 1958-1985. His wife was Mary "Birdie" Vaughn and their children were Laurie, Connie, and Brian. They lived in House 152 and 172. Russell worked in the Labor gang, leaching field, and was a heavy equipment operator. Connie and Brian played baseball, Connie was in girl scouts. Connie and Laurie were on the swim team.  [ASARCO Hire date: 6/23/1959]  


Waite, James W.  [ASARCO Hire date: 8/30/1965]  

Ward - House #3 

James Warnes, Sr. lived in Silver Bell with his family from 1960-1976. The family included Florence Marion, Betty, Barbara (Lively), James, Jr., Janet, Lawrence, Sandra, Grace, Phillip, Robert, and Florence. They lived in House 147. James was a Warehouse Clerk. The family was involved in church and Scouts.

Washburn, John S.  [ASARCO Hire date: 6/17/1957]  

Weaver, Eugene A.  [ASARCO Hire date: 1/4/1960]  

Wetherbee, Duane and Sheila lived in House #81 and the Trailer Court.

White, Donald E. - House #105, 160  [ASARCO Hire date: 9/12/1955]  

Whitmire - House #86.

Williams - House #164 

Winn, William N, -House #168  [ASARCO Hire date: 11/5/1956]   

Winn, William P.  [ASARCO Hire date: 1/28/1963] 

Wood, Ken and Eileen lived in House #40 and 42.

Alexander Woolbert was a resident of Silver Bell from 1955 until the closing of the mine.  He was a US Army veteran that was part of the Occupation of Germany directly after the German surrender and subsequently re-enlisted as the Korean War broke out.  He was a survivor of the First Chinese Spring Offensive and fought hand to hand combat on the Inchon river.  He additionally was a gunnery sergeant on 105 mm Howitzers during the Hamburger Hill battle.  His children were Joe, Brenda, and Debbie.  He was the head group leader of the Carpenter Shop and was one of the last persons in the Carpenters Shop to mothball the plant when it was closed.  He was involved in Cub Scouts and was known throughout the community as one of the individuals who would be called to fix the houses when they needed repairs.  The Woolbert’s lived at the bottom of the trailer court in space #12.  The Woolbert’s originally lived in the Old Trailer Court when the mine first opened and Alex was one of the installers of the houses when they arrived.  He was responsible for some of the concrete stem walls and foundations/sidewalks that were poured in the early days of the town. -Trailer Court.



Arnold Wyatt's family, including Hariett, Donald, Sue, David, Tommy, and Cindy, lived in Silver Bell from 1954-1969. They lived in house 161 and 93. Arnold was a shovel operator. According to David said, "Our dad was a scout leader.Hhe drove the alleys picking up garbage. I think just before Jimmy Thoma took over. Don and I were in Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts  We Played Little League Ball and I played on Mens Softball Teams."  [ASARCO Hire date: 10/7/1955]  

Yarbrough, Jerry R. - House #111  [ASARCO Hire date: 4/15/1963]   

Yarter. E. Charles "Chuck" - Chuck's family included Frances, Xavier, Alva, Alexandra, and Laura. They lived in the Apartments. The Yarters lived in Silver Bell from 1969-1984. 

Edward E. Young's family is one of the earliest families in Silver Bell. They came in 1951 and lived in the first trailer court across from the Tailings Dam and later in the Trailer Court in Silver Bell. The Youngs included Ed, Bethel, Jerry, Bobby, David, Larry, and Vera. Ed worked as a blade operator. The family was involved in scouts and lots of swimming. Bobby Young served his country in the military and was killed in the Viet Nam war.  [ASARCO Hire date: 3/25/1954]  

Young, Shurdan D.  [ASARCO Hire date: 9/1/1965

Harriett and Arnold Wyatt at the last Silver Bell reunion.

Harriett and Arnold Wyatt at the last Silver Bell reunion.