Families N - R

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Nelson, Richard C.  [ASARCO Hire date: 6/12/1961]   

Nixon, Charles and Annabelle.

Noble, Robert D. House 1#42  [ASARCO Hire date: 9/21/1964]  

Noriega, Alfredo  [ASARCO Hire date: 5/7/1954]  

Osborn - House #8 

Oswald - House #14 


John "Bus" Palmer and his family, including Dorothy, Michael, Jack, and Patty, lived in Silver Bell from 1961-1967. They lived in the apartments and in house 15. John was on the Powder Gang. Jack said, "We went to a Catholic Church in Marana. My mom was a nurse and would give shots to the people in Silver Bell. I would roam the desert with my trusty dog Ted. I loved the corrals. I loved everything about Silver Bell!!!"  [ASARCO Hire date: 11/21/1961]  

Palmer, John Jr.  - House #75. [ASARCO Hire date: 12/11/1964]  

Pargas, Ricardo and Terri lived in the Trailer Court.

Paul, Bruce A.  [ASARCO Hire date: 1/28/1963] 

Pierce, Samuel C. - House #13  [ASARCO Hire date: 10/22/1960]   

Pitts - House #37 

Poe, Jack A.  [ASARCO Hire date: 10/1/1956] 

Poe, William K.  - House #78. [ASARCO Hire date: 5/27/1957]   

Polashek - House #60 



Paul L. Prater and his family lived in Silver Bell from 1956-1984. The family included Fran, Teresa, Sheila, Danny, Karen, Jay, Sean, and Tracy. They lived in house 141. Paul was a mechanic. Karen said, "Dad was the ambulance driver for years. Dad was the back up security guard for awhile. Mom cooked at the mess hall for the single men. I was in brownies, not sure the age, but only for a year."  [ASARCO Hire date: 11/17/1955]  

Preston - House #175 


Quiroga - House #102

Rael, Alfonso  [ASARCO Hire date: 2/8/1954]  

Raper, Gilbert - House #128  [ASARCO Hire date: 12/13/1954]  

Reed, Joseph W. - House 154, 115, 142, and Apartments  [ASARCO Hire date: 2/20/1960]  

Reed, L. Clayton  [ASARCO Hire date: 4/4/1966] 

Reynolds - House #40.

Rice, Howard - House #48.

Rios, David C.  [ASARCO Hire date: 3/25/1966] 

Rollin Roberts and his wife Lynne and children Michael and Lori lived in Silver Bell for about five years in the 1970s. Rollin was the Assistant Mill and Leach Plant Superintendent at the Silver Bell mine. Lynne ran the local arts program at the community recreation hall each summer for the town's children. They lived next door to John and Debra Reynolds on one side and Bill and Linda Gay on the other side. Rollin was transferred from Silver Bell to ASARCO's San Javier Leach Plant in 1975 and later was the Assistant Mill Superintendent for ASARCO's "Mission" unit southwest of Tucson. He left ASARCO in 1987 to work overseas in Indonesia for Freeport McMoRan Copper and Gold Company who now own all the old Phelps Dodge Copper operations in Arizona. Rollin said, "We are still using our old 1970's copy of the Silver Bell Cook Book today and it still has the best 'Potato Salad' recipe that you will ever find in any cook book."

Robles, Manuel P.   [ASARCO Hire date: 3/26/1957]  

Roman Reiner's family, including Esther, Alan, and Martha, lived in Silver Bell from 1955-1966 in house 64. Roman was a Metallurgical Engineer. Alan said, "I played baseball on the Silver Bell Ponys. Pee Wee League. Pinkie Santa Maria's dad was the coach." 

Revell - House #144 

Reynolds - House #40 

Rice, Howard - House #48 

Robert Louis Richardson, Sr. and his family lived in Silver Bell from 1952-1979. They first lived in the trailer court across from the Tailings Dam and later in House 134. Besides Louis, the family included Ardith, Robert, Jr., Jimmie Lee, Billy, Annie, and Nancy.  "Louis" was an artist. Ardith loved playing cards. Annie and Nancy loved hiking and riding horses. Bobby, Jimmie and Billy did whatever their peers did... running the desert and going to school.

Louis' worked for ASARCO as a "cat skinner."  [ASARCO Hire date: 1/22/1955]  

Rickman - House #47

Riddle, Walt and Priscilla, sons Raymond and Larry, daughter Judy.


Robertson, Buck B.  [ASARCO Hire date: 7/23/1965]  

Robles, Samuel - House #21, 110   [ASARCO Hire date: 6/2/1960]  

Rodriguez, Tony M.  [ASARCO Hire date: 5/23/1966] 

Tony U. Romero and his family, including Alicia, Alex, Isabel, and Tony, Jr., lived in Silver Bell from 1955-1980. They lived in the Trailer Court and in house 158 and 73. Tony was a welder. Isabel said, "Us younger kids were in sports -baseball and flag football . Our family went to catholic church every Sunday."  [ASARCO Hire date: 9/10/1955] .

Rosette, David A. - House #15, Trailer Court  [ASARCO Hire date: 4/21/1959]  

Ryan, Franklin W.  [ASARCO Hire date: 2/1/1965]  

The US Post Office chose Silver Bell for the first day of issue of the 1965 Christmas postage stamp.

The US Post Office chose Silver Bell for the first day of issue of the 1965 Christmas postage stamp.