Families H - M

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Chris Hackitt's family included Sue, Brandi, and Arlo. They lived in Silver Bell from 1978-1983. They lived in house 173. Chris was a mechanic.  


Hale House #161 

Hall, James W.  [ASARCO Hire date: 1/20/1964]  

Hamm - House #97 

Hand, Benny D.  [ASARCO Hire date: 5/27/1963]  

Hansen - House #53.

Harmon, Charles W.  [ASARCO Hire date: 8/7/1959]  

Gerald W. Harn and his family lived in Silver Bell beginning in 1962. The family included Ora Mae, Paul Alan, Nancy Jean Harn Bock, and Deborah Gay Harn Leroy. The family lived in house 10. Gerald worked in Mill repair and served a term as Union President. Later, when Gerald and Ora Mae moved to Marana, Ora Mae was elected as Mayor and Vice Mayor of the Town of Marana., serving 14 years.  [ASARCO Hire date: 6/11/1962]  

Harris, Allen L. - House #6  [ASARCO Hire date: 4/6/1957]  

Harris, Marvin's family included Mary Lou, Gary, Rick, and Audie. They lived in House #53 or 54.

Harris, Nolan L. - House #2, and 55  [ASARCO Hire date: 1/31/1956]   

Harvey, Sheridan P.  [ASARCO Hire date: 10/22/1962] 


Lawrence Hendrickson and his family, including Jeanette, Tammy, Theresa, and Timothy, lived in Silver Bell from 1975-1982. They lived in house 14 and 124. Lawrence was a gardener.  

Henley, J.D.  [ASARCO Hire date: 9/1/1965]  

Henry - House #173 

Higgins, Chester D.  [ASARCO Hire date: 3/5/1963]  

Hime - House #101 

Himebrook, Roland R. - House #70.  [ASARCO Hire date: 12/27/1956]   


Hinesley, Tom and Sue. 

Hitt, Harry P. - House #98, and 128  [ASARCO Hire date: 11/10/1960]   

Hitt, Harvey "Pete".  [ASARCO Hire date: 11/23/1956]  

Billie Robert Holder and his family lived in Silver Bell until 1976. His family included Emma, William, Donna, and Danna. They lived in house 133 and 157.  Billie was a shovel operator.  [ASARCO Hire date: 2/12/1955]  

Holman, Eddie L. - House #125  [ASARCO Hire date: 1/5/1957]  

Holly - Trailer Court  [ASARCO Hire date: 1/5/1957]  

Hollins - House #12 

Hollis, "Doc" - House #6  [ASARCO Hire date: 3/16/1954]  

Neil C. Hood 's family included Marie, Garrie, Judy, Danny, Anita, Phil, and Sherry. They lived in the apartments, the trailer court, and house 136. The Hoods lived in Silver Bell from 1956-1982. Neil was a house painter, He was an electrician, plumber, and worked on floors. Sherry said, "I was in Brownies and Girl Scouts, The boys were in Boy Scouts, We went to Vacation Bible School. Mother Marie Hood was in charge if the Mess Hall, which fed the bunk house, anyone from the office, and all visitors from ASARCO."  [ASARCO Hire date: 2/8/1957]  

Horner, Paul A.  [ASARCO Hire date: 12/13/1960]  


Hoy, Bruce  - House #74. [ASARCO Hire date: 1/24/1966]  

Hubert, Fred H.  [ASARCO Hire date: 10/30/1963]  

Hunley, Jerry D. -  [ASARCO Hire date: 10/9/1962] 

James C. Hunter's family included Donna Hunter, Mike Horton, Linda Horton, Pat Horton, Cheryl Horton, and Cindy Horton. They lived in Silver Bell from 1965-1970 in house 156. Cheryl said, "I belonged to the girl scouts and loved it. Loved all the movie nights and cake walks at the rec center. My first kiss as a youngster happened at the awesome pool. We had a couple of horses and always looked forward to riding them on Saturdays."  [ASARCO Hire date: 5/3/1956]  

Hunter, Robert and his wife Betty lived in Silver Bell with their sons Robert, Jr., Jim, Tim, Tom, and Scott from 1957-1975. Robert was a truck driver and heavy equipment operator. The family lived in house #155.  [ASARCO Hire date: 1/8/1957]  

Hunter, Timothy, his wife Tracy and their son Noah lived in Silver Bell from 1979-1982. They lived in house #72. Tim was a Mill repairman and worked in the Rubber Shop. Tim said, "Growing up I was in Cub scouts and Boy Scouts. I played baseball every summer as well as swimming.I did the paper route with Mrs. Moser for about 5 yrs."

James T. Huntley  and his family lived in Silver Bell from 1961-1969. The Huntleys included JoAnn, Debbie, Bill, and Chris. They lived in house 6 and 64. James was a heavy equipment operator. Debbie said, "Dad started the local NRA. All of us were in scouts. Mom was a Den mother. During summer time Bill and I swam and helped with lessons. Bill was a paper Boy with Mrs. Moser I think. I taught some accordion lessons and did baby sitting. My mom was a cashier at the grocery store. We sang in the church choir. Bill and I played softball."  [ASARCO Hire date: 8/30/1961]  


James, Jimmie L. -House #14, and  35  [ASARCO Hire date: 11/21/1961]   

Jameson - House #50 


Jennings - House #12 

Johnson, Lester E.  [ASARCO Hire date: 2/9/1955]  

Jones, Alfred S.  [ASARCO Hire date: 5/17/1963]  

Jones, John K. - Daughters Vicki, Patti, and Brenda. House #77. [ASARCO Hire date: 2/11/1963]  

Jones, Vernon D.  [ASARCO Hire date: 9/22/1961]  

Juarez, Armando  [ASARCO Hire date: 8/16/1965]  

Kannier. Kelmar K. - House #62  [ASARCO Hire date: 2/9/1954]   

Keeler - House #41 

Keene - House #35 

Kelly, Jim and Wanda lived in House #123.

Kenney, Raymond -  The family included Helen and Thomas. They lived in House #150 from 1962-1969.

Kilburn, Ralph E. - House #52  [ASARCO Hire date: 7/29/1960]  

Kin, Alfredo - House #88. [ASARCO Hire date: 2/9/1954]  

Kin, Arnold  - House #151. [ASARCO Hire date: 6/2/1955]

King, James W.  [ASARCO Hire date: 8/30/1965]    

Knight - House #113


Laguna, John - House #89  [ASARCO Hire date: 6/12/1955]   

Landers - House #52 

Laplander, Robert E.  [ASARCO Hire date: 8/20/1962]  

Legget, Cliff and Edith.

Lemons, Jack M.  - House #144  [ASARCO Hire date: 10/9/1953]  

Lester -Apartments 

Lewis - House #77.

Rodolfo "Rudy" Leyba and his family, including Juanita, Eddie, Annette, and Sandi, lived in Silver Bell from 1957-1976. They lived in house 114 and 159. Rudy worked in the truck shop. Eddie said, "All of the kids were in scouts."  [ASARCO Hire date: 9/14/1955]  


Lightner, Fred and Betsey. 

Lolmaugh, Charles L.  [ASARCO Hire date: 6/15/1966]  


Madrigal - House #56 

Malone -

Burr Marley and his family, Jettie, Mark, Ellyn, and Diana, lived in Silver Bell from 1970-1985. They were in house 49. Burr was a Maintenance Supervisor. Diana said, "My dad (Burr) coached the little league baseball team when we first moved to Silver Bell in 1970 and 71, my mother was a school teacher at Marana Elementary and moved to Marana in 1985 and started teaching at Roadrunner Elementary (she was working there when she retired). When I was in High School I took Jr and Sr. Life saving at the swimming pool and taught swimming lessons for the Red Cross there too."

Martin, Fritz - House #11  and 166

Martin, Robert V.  [ASARCO Hire date: 10/2/1952]  

Martinez - House #65

Martinez, Joe E.  [ASARCO Hire date: 2/3/1960] 

Marty, Mickey M.  [ASARCO Hire date: 9/3/1959]   

Matthews - House #7 

Maxam, Walt - House #22 

Conrad McConnaughey's family lived in Silver Bell from 1961-1984. The family included Leila, Michael, and Phyllis. They lived in house 3 and 102. Conrad was a diesel mechanic.  [ASARCO Hire date: 10/2/1961]  

McCutchan, Hansel  [ASARCO Hire date: 3/5/1962]   

McCutchan, James H.  [ASARCO Hire date: 11/3/1962]  

McFerrin - Childrens' names were Mike and Pam. House #76  [ASARCO Hire date: 8/20/1954]  

Mendoza, Antonio  - House #119. [ASARCO Hire date: 2/17/1954]  

Mendoza, Joe A.  [ASARCO Hire date: 2/16/1966]   

Mendoza, Rodolfo A.  [ASARCO Hire date: 10/26/1962] 

Alvin L. Menges and his family lived in Silver Bell from 1955 until the houses were moved out. His family also included Neva, John, Alvin, Debra, Sharla, and Edward Snow. They lived in several houses including #143. Alvin was a truck driver and a shovel operator.  [ASARCO Hire date: 2/3/1955]  

Owen Miller's family lived in Silver Bell from 1977-1983. His family included Gloria, Lance, and Roberta. Owen worked in the Warehouse. 

Miguel M. Molinar's family included Amelia, Beten Molinar-Robles, Armando Robles, Ernie Robles, and Victoria Robles. The lived in house 120. Family members were involved in church activities and sports.  [ASARCO Hire date: 2/11/1954]  

Montoya, Adam - House #112  [ASARCO Hire date: 5/25/1954]  

Moore, Earl L.  [ASARCO Hire date: 4/11/1960]  

Nick Morelos and his family lived in Silver Bell from 1972-1983. His family included Susan, John (Red), Nick (Cory), and Jason. They lived in the apartments and house 152 and 126. Nick was a truck driver and worked on the blasting and drilling crew. John said, "Cory was in cub scouts for a few years. Dad (Nick) coached Silver Bell little league. John and Cory played for their dad and were very successful. Cory and John had great time with many friends like Chubby and Jr Burns, Danny and Tommy Rossette, the Duncan boys, the Schranks, Frankie Sanchez, Carlos Alcala, the Snows, the Nelsons, Rodney Hines, the Dickie boys, Altimiranos, Mendozas, Eddie Chadburn, Figueroas and so many more. Some of the best times and memories are from the summers in Silver Bell."

Morgan, George E.  [ASARCO Hire date: 10/12/1960]  

Mortenson - House #49 

Moser - House #29 and 143 



Frank Sanchez, Steve Jameson and Alan Reiner stand with Herb Cleaver, their Scout leader.

Frank Sanchez, Steve Jameson and Alan Reiner stand with Herb Cleaver, their Scout leader.