Families A - G

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Acevedo, J - House #124 [ASARCO Hire date: 2/9/1954]

Acevedo, Solomon -- House #128 [ASARCO Hire date: 2/1/1954]

Albert, John D [ASARCO Hire date: 4/29/1959]

Alcala - House #143.

Allen - House #9, 39

Allison, Tommy  [ASARCO Hire date: 9/29/1958]

Altamirano, Ategojenes - [ASARCO Hire date: 8/28/1959]

Altamirano, Eduardo A. - House #76. [ASARCO Hire date: 12/11/1959]

Altamirano, Tony M.  [ASARCO Hire date: 4/18/1966] 

Amaro, Ramon and Gloria.  [ASARCO Hire date: 6/19/1959]

Ames, Thomas John and his family, Debora Fisk Ames, Spring Nachionado Ames, and John Ames, lived in Silver Bell from 1974-1981. Mr. Ames worked for ASARCO as a heavy duty mechanic. The family had lived in the apartments, the trailer court, and house #89 and #62. Spring said, "My siblings and I went to the Baptist church and I was baptized in the pool. I believe my sister was as well. I was in the girl scouts. My siblings and I loved spending our Summer days at the pool, park and rec center. Dad would leave us a pool ticket and fifty cents each and we could buy a bag of chips, a soda and candy with that fifty cents."

Amos - House #64

Amparano, Frank  [ASARCO Hire date: 8/16/1965]

Amparano, Vicente R.  [ASARCO Hire date: 2/23/1962]

Wayne H. Anderson told us: " I started working at Silver Bell 1961. Worked for ASARCO 9 1/2 years. I was active with the lcal union, filling various positions and achieving the local union President position. I took leave to work for the Cementation Company sinking 2 new shafts at Morencie. Worked there for 6 months and organized the union there too. ASARCO refused to extend my leave, and I decided not to return. I was offered a staff position with the Union. Our Union was District 50 of the United Mine Workers of America which merged into the United Steelworkers of America in the early 70's. I met the love of my life (Laurys Fenley) shortly after starting work at Silver Bell. She was Bill Holders sister in Law. We celebrated our 58th anniversary last month. We had 4 children; Shari, Tim, Dana and Steve. We lived in the Silver Bell trailer park for about 5.5 years. We could"t see our little girl spending as many hours a day on the bus and in school as I was working at the mine, so we moved into Tucson when when Shari was old enough to start school. I worked in nearly all departments at the mine. I started in the Lab, then maintenance, flotation, molly an finally driving mine trucks. Lots of memories. Best wishes on a very successful reunion."  [ASARCO Hire date: 1/12/1960]

Anway, David -

Archer, Donald R. and Lee.  [ASARCO Hire date: 9/15/1960]

Archuleta - House #122

Armour, Howard - House #84. [ASARCO Hire date: 2/15/1954]

Arnold, George O.  [ASARCO Hire date: 9/20/1962]

John E. Arnold and his family lived in Silver Bell from 1960-1967. The family included Louise, John, Doug, Beth, and Marylu. They lived in the Trailer Court. John was a truck driver and a driller.  [ASARCO Hire date: 1/5/1960]

Henry Arrends and his wife, Dolly and daughter Lorraine lived in House #133.

Avenetti, Albert's family included Edith, Elizabeth, Jonathan, Anna Marie, and Albert, Jr. They lived in Silver Bell from 1960-1965. They had lived in the apartments and then in house #57. The children were involved in Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts and participated in Catechism.

Aubrey L. Avery - Apartments, House #117  [ASARCO Hire date: 2/16/1954]

Baginski, Al - House 163

Baldwin - House #12

Band - House #173

Barbic, Joseph M.   [ASARCO Hire date: 1/20/1964] 

Barela - Apartments, House #36, #40

Barnes, Frank - House #39

Robert Barnes and his family, including his wife Marilyn and children Jack, Bonnie, John, and Jim, lived in Silver Bell from 1953-1967. Mr. Barnes was a Chief Mining Engineer for ASARCO. The family lived in house #55 and #105. According to Bonnie Barnes Schnormeier, “When Mr. Snider (from Marana) was lifeguard, Mom helped him with teaching women basic swimming strokes.  She was also a Brownie Leader, Assistant Girl Scout leader and played bridge. My Dad started the golf course in the desert and surveyed and designed the road from the Gas Plant into the town of Silver Bell. He enjoyed playing poker and hunting. I was in Brownies, Girl Scouts, and the Youth Group with Silver Bell Federated Church. I played Woman's Softball on the ballpark (on occasional get togethers) and was a Silver Bell Lifeguard and Swim Instructor from May-September 1974. Jack, Jim, and John were In Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts and the Youth Group Silver Bell Federated Church. Our entire Family attended the Silver Bell Federated Church."  Jack, Bonnie, Jim & John attended the kindergarten operated in Silver Bell by Marjorie Estes.  Robert Barnes served in the US Navy 1946-1948 -- Petty Officer 3rd class, served as a radio technician aboard destroyer mine sweeper, Company 2-48 stationed at Treasure Island, San Francisco Bay.  

Barnes, Warren. his wife Martha and daughter Caprice lived in Silver Bell until 1982. The family lived in house #66. Mr. Barnes worked on the Tailings Dam and Mrs. Barnes worked in the Assay Office for ASARCO.   [ASARCO Hire date: 1/13/1955] 

Ezra C. Barney - House #87, #23   [ASARCO Hire date: 12/14/1959] 


Beasley, Allen M.  [ASARCO Hire date: 3/22/1966] 

Beastin, Eugene E.   [ASARCO Hire date: 3/9/1960] 

Bedle, Jerry and Sherry lived in House #161.

Behler, Grimes and his family, Bette, Greg, Dianna, and Justin, were residents of Silver Bell from 1964-1972. Mr. Behler worked in the Mill as a welder. The family lived in the apartments and in house #27 and #93. The children were involved in Scouts and baseball.   [ASARCO Hire date: 9/8/1964] 

Berry, Major A.   [ASARCO Hire date: 3/20/1966] 

Betancourt, Pedro V.  - House #123   [ASARCO Hire date: 8/2/1957] 

Bird, Harvey's  wife, Louise, and their children Grady and Kristie, lived in Silver Bell from 1970-1989. They lived in house #150. Harvey was Assistant Mill Superintendent and Mill Repair Foreman. 

Blakesies, Walter M.   [ASARCO Hire date: 5/27/1954] 

Bock - Trailer Court

Boden, Don and family: Gerri (who ran a summer youth program), Tami. Tara, and Andy.

Boss - House #3

Bostick, John L. - House #7, #24, #34   [ASARCO Hire date: 2/11/1955] 

Bourguet, Ira's family included Rose, Donna, Millie, and Kenny lived in House #82.


Bourguet, Richard - House #140   [ASARCO Hire date: 1/10/1955] 

Bowers, William H. - House 47   [ASARCO Hire date: 1/30/1966] 

Boyd - House #12


Brenton. Phil and Diane lived in  House #164.

Brown, Wylie D. - House #131   [ASARCO Hire date: 2/23/1962] 

Brunk, James H. - House #5   [ASARCO Hire date: 4/22/1954] 

Burkette, Daniel S. - House #25   [ASARCO Hire date: 4/13/1960] 

Burns - House #156

Bustamante, Abran and his wife Peggy and their children Johnny, Marcos, Marta, Chris, Lalo, and Julie, lived in Silver Bell from 1957-1981. They lived in the apartments and in house #3. Abe was a "Grease Monkey" for ASARCO. Marcos said, "Johnny and I played baseball for Mr. Santamaria Little League - Cub Scouts with Mrs. Barney - Attended the Catholic Church every Sunday morning - Used the pool every day of the summer - cleaned the pool in the morning in order to get to swim."

[ASARCO Hire date: 8/7/1957] 

Bustamonte, Juan - Juan's family included Kathleen, Shad, and Shane. Juan is the son of Abram Bustamonte. Juan's family lived in the Old Houses from 1977-1982. Juan was a welder.

Calderon, Domingo P.   - House #73. [ASARCO Hire date: 8/1/1957] 

Calderon, Frank   [ASARCO Hire date: 3/31/1954] 

Calderon, Pedro   [ASARCO Hire date: 6/14/1955] 

Callaway - Apartments

Campbell, Howard W.   [ASARCO Hire date: 7/19/1965] 

Carpenter, Edward - Apartments   [ASARCO Hire date: 10/3/1960] 


Catalan, Joe C. - House #59   [ASARCO Hire date: 12/7/1964] 

Chadburn, Elmer L. - House #69   [ASARCO Hire date: 9/26/1954

Chadburn, Fred V. - House #123   [ASARCO Hire date: 11/30/1954] 

Chadburn, Norman B. - House #161   [ASARCO Hire date: 5/5/1956] 

Chadburn, Tony -

Chapman, Frank E.   [ASARCO Hire date: 10/20/1959] 

Chavez, Alberto F.   [ASARCO Hire date: 10/29/1959] 

Chavez, Alberto V.   [ASARCO Hire date: 8/1/1957] 

Chavez, Elias - House #97

Chavez, Rudy F. - House #91   [ASARCO Hire date: 8/5/1958] 

Christy - House #59

Chritenson -

Chumley, Mike and Nina -

Clayton - House #2

Cleaver, Herb's wife Dorothy and their children David and Diane moved to Silver Bell in 1957. They first lived in House #162 and later in House #143. Herb was a shovel operator in the open pits at Silver Bell. Herb was a Scout leader and enjoyed rock hunting. The family left Silver Bell in 1978. Herb enlisted in the US Navy in 1945 and served until 1945. He was stationed on the USS North Carolina.   [ASARCO Hire date: 11/20/1955] 

Coe - House #128


Colgate, Michael P.   [ASARCO Hire date: 3/9/1960] 

Combes - House #132

Conley - House #71.

Contestable -


Covey, John P. - House #153.  John Covey served our country in the US Army during the 1950s.   [ASARCO Hire date: 6/6/1956] 


Crawford, Herman   [ASARCO Hire date: 10/2/1953] 

 Dahler, Melvin  - House #165   [ASARCO Hire date: 2/27/1954] 

Dannelley, Frank J. and his family: Sallie, Pauline, Randy, Edgi, Mary, and Donnie lived in Silver Bell from 1958-1969. They lived in house #57. Frank was a crane operator for ASARCO. He was also a Scout leader.   [ASARCO Hire date: 2/7/1960] 


Desmond, Santiago Z.   [ASARCO Hire date: 4/3/1956] 


DeWoody - House #34

Dominguez, Adolfo R. - House #161.  Billy Dominguez served in the US Army in the Vietnam War.   [ASARCO Hire date: 8/23/1957] 

Doty, Paul - House #99   [ASARCO Hire date: 8/11/1954] 

Duncan, David J. - House #48   [ASARCO Hire date: 3/1/1966] 


Eckrote, Norman and his family, Sue Carol, Paula, Vikki, Cecil, Belinda, Kerry, and Kimberly lived in the Apartments, Trailer Court, House #58, and #112. They were in Silver Bell from 1955-1970. Norman was a truck driver, Truck Shop mechanic, and Truck Shop foreman. He  served our country in the US Army during the Korean War in the 1950s.    [ASARCO Hire date: 3/9/1960] 

Efnor - Bunk House

Eisensee, Edward  [ASARCO Hire date: 5/23/1966] 

Elder - House #1, #51, #57

Ellerbrook, Glen K. - House #72   [ASARCO Hire date: 9/27/1961] 

Elmendorf, Harry P.   [ASARCO Hire date: 11/25/1960] 

Estes, Eugene - House #103   [ASARCO Hire date: 3/10/1954] 

Emigh, Earl W.   [ASARCO Hire date: 3/30/1957] 

Fahrmeyer, Kermit, his wife Brenda, and their children Jill, Sara, and Kerry, lived in Silver Bell from 1978-1985 in house #9 and the Trailer Court. Kermit worked in the Mill. Brenda belonged to Quilting and Birthday club. Kermit and Brenda bowled on the Silver Bell league. Kermit coached girls softball. Brenda was in charge of the summer ballpark activities like volley ball.

Ferrell, Kenneth R.   [ASARCO Hire date: 3/30/1960] 

Figueroa, Abram   [ASARCO Hire date: 3/10/1959] 

Figueroa, Alex S.   [ASARCO Hire date: 2/11/1955] 

Figueroa, Emilio S.   [ASARCO Hire date: 9/3/1957] 

Figueroa, Emilio   [ASARCO Hire date: 10/5/1960] 

Figueroa, Ray   [ASARCO Hire date: 7/23/1965] 

Fisher, Rudolph [ASARCO Hire date: 8/1/1964] 

Fletcher, William T. [ASARCO Hire date: 6/11/1955] 

Flores, Aurelio F. [ASARCO Hire date: 2/11/1963] 

Flynn, Maurice T. [ASARCO Hire date: 5/14/1954] 

Flynn. Mildred E. [ASARCO Hire date: 4/3/1960] 

Foreman, Reldon [ASARCO Hire date: 8/4/1958] 

Fricker, Clarence J. [ASARCO Hire date: 4/13/1953] 

Fulmer, Roy E.  [ASARCO Hire date: 10/5/1962] 

Furman, Miles E.'s family included Leta, Buddy, and Becky. [ASARCO Hire date: 11/4/1963] 

Fortenberry, Joe - House #17   

Frasquillo - House #172 [ASARCO Hire date: 6/11/1955] 

Frye, William M. - House #163 [ASARCO Hire date: 11/11/1959] 

Fulmer - Trailer Court

Furman, Miles E. [ASARCO Hire date: 11/4/1963] 

Gallaway, Keith E.  [ASARCO Hire date: 4/20/1966] 

Gallegos, Santiago [ASARCO Hire date: 12/9/1963] 

Galnares, Michael and his family lived in Silver Bell from 1974-1980. The family included Michael, Katie Schlegel, Kristina and Stephen Galnares. They lived in houses #38 and #147. Michael was a truck driver. Tina and Kristina were Girl Scouts and the family attended Sunday School,

Gamell - House #53

Gardenhire, James E. The family included JoAnn, Jamie, and Julie. The family lived in Silver Bell until 1972. [ASARCO Hire date: 3/30/1957] 

Garner, Bob

Garrett, Harvey D - House #85 [ASARCO Hire date: 2/18/1957] 


Gebler, Glenn A. and Pete. House #74. [ASARCO Hire date: 12/26/1961] 

Gillespie, Edward F. - House #79. [ASARCO Hire date: 12/13/1960] 

James B. Gilliam's family lived in Silver Bell from 1955-1971. The Gilliams included Betty Hitt Gilliam, Veronica, Jimmy, Karen, and Marsha. They were in the apartments, house 85 and 100. James worked in Maintenance, as a welder, and a truck driver. Veronica said, "My Dad helped to create the baseball field and also played on the town's team. I was involved in Brownies, Girl Scouts and Cadettes. Sold Girl Scout cookies and calendars...cookies were $.50 a box! My brother was in cub scouts and boy scouts. My mother along with 7 or 8 different women would get together each fall and start making candy, cookies, breads, etc. for Christmas. My Dad loved to hunt and fish....he and quite a few of the other men would take weekend trips to do these things. Swimming was a big deal to me in the summer....I can still smell the chlorine and hear the squeaky gate. Picnics at the golf course, taking rides through the desert just looking at the beauty of it. We had a horse that was kept at the corrals." [ASARCO Hire date: 4/6/1956] 

Gladden - House #79.

Gonzales - House #166

Goodwin, Owen D. - House #83. [ASARCO Hire date: 3/4/1957] 

Green, Curtis E. - Apartments [ASARCO Hire date: 10/29/1963] 

Griffin, Dale and his family, including Maxine, Jeff, Darla, and Cydney King, lived in Silver Bell from 1954-1977. They lived in House #101. Dale was a Parts Manager for ASARCO. They started the Scouts program shortly after moving to Silver Bell and played in the Bridge Club.

Griffin, John [ASARCO Hire date: 3/15/1957] 

Griffin, Lou K. -  [ASARCO Hire date: 11/1/1963] 

Griffitt, Ralph A. - House #139 [ASARCO Hire date: 3/5/1962] 

Griffith - House #9

Guinn - House #116

 Gutierrez, Amador "Junior" and Jo Ann lived in Silver Bell from 1970-1982 in House #14 and 11.

Gullotto, Jimmie - Apartments [ASARCO Hire date: 7/18/1961] 


Labor Day 1959 at the park: Marilyn Barnes and her children, Bonnie, Jim, John, and Jack.

Labor Day 1959 at the park: Marilyn Barnes and her children, Bonnie, Jim, John, and Jack.