"Old Silver Bell"

The first community of Silver Bell was founded when Arizona was still a territory of the United States. Miners had been living at this location working the Old Boot Mine (also known as the Mammoth Mine), the first major claim in the Silver Bell Mountains, dating to 1873 under the leadership of Charles O. Brown of Tucson.

When the Imperial Copper Company was formed in 1903, the town of Silver Bell was created.  Consisting of shacks, tents and lean-tos, this community rapidly grew to 1,000 by 1905. It included a post office, mine offices, railroad, a Wells Fargo station, company store, hotel, general merchandise store, a school, several saloons, billiard parlor, two bakeries, a dairy, two firehouses, theater and an auto stage (i.e. motorized stagecoach or bus).

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Silver Bell School District #19

The photograph above shows the Students of the Silver Bell School during the 1920s. From  

Arizona State Archives Historic Photographs


The "Hell Hole" of Arizona

Silver Bell, 1910

This is a view of the town of Silver Bell in 1910.